Critical Projects

Louisiana is losing coastal wetlands at an incredibly fast rate. To combat significant coastal land loss, the state of Louisiana created a Coastal Master Plan for restoration and flood protection in 2007, with updates every five years. The current edition of the Master Plan consists of 109 different restoration projects across the Louisiana coast including sediment diversions, hydrologic restoration, barrier island restoration, marsh creation, ridge restoration, bank stabilization, shoreline protection, and oyster reef creation. These numerous types of restoration projects along the entire coast of Louisiana will work together to help stem natural and human induced land loss. All projects are valuable to decreasing this land loss, but certain projects can have broad impacts. CRCL highlights four large scale restoration projects from the Master Plan that are critical to slowing this land loss.  Click on the project location in the map below for more project information.  

whitebirdsCoalition To Restore Coastal Louisiana


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